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 Skip Trace (no social) $100.00 
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Example: If we are serving a husband and his wife (two). If we are serving an individual (individually) and as the Registered Agent or Authorized Agent for the Corporation (two). If we are only serving one person, one set of documents (one). If we are serving an individual DBA a company name (one).
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Our flat rate fee covers a home and/or work address provided to us up front that are both located in the "same" county. If you have two different addresses located in separate counties, please indicate which address you would like for us to attempt. If the first address/county is found bad, we will not attempt the second address/county until a new order request is received (additional address fees will apply).
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We will conduct a “Courtesy Skip Trace” using the defendants Social Security number if the address provided is found to be bad.

We will email you the NEW FOUND ADDRESS information and you can place a new order if you select to have the new found address attempted at that time (new service fees) will apply.
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This field is for the (last date this service can be made), not your desired time frame. We will adjust your fees in order to meet this deadline date (without notice), see time required for each service type that we offer or type routine for routine service.
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We offer many services to fit your needs. If you have a Court Date/Deadline Date, please select the service time that falls within your deadline, we will adjust the service needed to meet your deadline (without notice) if you indicate a deadline date/court date but choose the wrong service type. See our Order Packet for additional information or call our office for more details. The service times are an estimated time frame but are not guaranteed.
Affidavit Completion Request: *
We can mail the original Affidavit to your office or we can file the original Affidavit with any Arkansas court. Once the file marked Affidavit is received from the courts, we would scan it as an attachment to the job and email you, it can then be viewed and printed from our website.
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We require Prepayment, please select one of the many payment options for this order.

If you have previously set up a recurring Credit Card account with us, simply select Charge Card on file and SKIP the payment options on the next step page.
If you require a Special Affidavit, it must be received (uploaded) with this online order. We will generate our professional Affidavit when this service is entered in our system. There will be a $25.00 processing fee, due in advance in to complete an Out of State Special Affidavit at a later date. *
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